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Nawaaqidh Al-Islam. (The 10 things nullify One's Islam)

Start Date: 11/09/2014
End Date: 01/07/2015
Time: Anytime
Teacher: Demo Teacher, Ustaad Abu Suhayb, Ustad AbdulHaq Al-Ashanti, Ustad Jafar Abu Abdul Malik, Ustaad Omar Jamaykee
Cost: £40.00
Location/Room: Imaam Barbahaaree Online Institute

Course decription

Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan said:

"Knowledge of them is very important for the Muslim, so that he can stay away from them and be warned about them. And also if the Muslim is not aware of them, then it is feared that he may somehow fall into one of them. It is an issue of great significance and extreme importance, since they are the very things that nullify one's Islaam and invalidate it. So then knowledge of the reasons for apostasy is very important.

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